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Course curriculum

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    Our Top Online Resources

    • This is how you will get most of our resources

    • How to access your "Best Online Resources For French"

    • What are the implications when learning a language independently using online resources ?

    • If you need to study a language because you are sitting an exam you may want to watch this video (Optional)

    • Here we explore the implications Grammar in your own language to learn another language

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    Our Best Online Resources for Learning a Language

    • Using Duolingo can benefit your language skills

    • Quizlet : Learn Vocabulary Fast and Improve your Language Skills

    • Do you love Conjugating Verbs! Here We Love it

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    Learn Your Grammar and Tenses

    • An Important Aspect About Learning a Language!

    • Here is an Comprehensive list of Grammar Drills Intended for From the Beginner to Upper Intermediate ( Best For Secondary School Students)

    • Here is a Comprehensive list of Grammar Drills (Best for Adults)

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    Downloadable Resources

    • Basic French Resource Booklet

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    You that have now gone over everything ...

    • Before you go...


Digital Course Designer /Academic Manager

Guilhem Chene

Guilhem has over 10 years of Experience Teaching French and Spanish in Secondary Schools in the UK and has experience as a Second in the Modern Language Faculty for Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Center. He is an International Baccalaureate Examiner and has his own you tube channel.